Episode Three: Performance Enhancing Drugs

Top of the show 

Welcome everyone and thank you for joining us. This is valid arguments. A show about three unqualified assholes discussing shit they know nothing about. Today were going to be talking about performance enhancing drugs, and if athletes should be allowed to use them. We’re also going to be talking about which is better, being the hero or the sidekick, and I’ll ask everyone about abortions. Joining me today is Mr. Milo Mordhorst on my right. (Milo intro). And Mr. Joel Barkley on my left. (Joel intro). Thank you both, now I want to start by getting your initial takes on performance enhancing drugs, and if you think they should be allowed in sports 

Questions I will ask: 

  •  Do you think PED’s should be allowed in any sport, if so which? – milo 
  • Do you think over the counter enhancement supplements (such as creatine) should have any restrictions on use, if so what? – Joel 
  • Palette cleanser/segment – Hamms  
  • Do you think in any way that the media is hyping up and over stating the risks of steroid use as a form of sensationalism – milo? 
  •  Would you consider Adderall and other add medications performance enhancing drug? – Joel 
  •  Palette cleanser/segment – hero sidekick argue 
  •  Why is our culture so geared towards demonizing steroid users? – milo 
  •  Palette cleanser/segment – abortion? 
  • Is Lance Armstrong really such a bad guy? – Joel 

Argument for: 

  • Most golfers are older and may be prescribed testosterone and have a legitimate reason for taking it. How can we tell them it’s not ok? 
  •  Creatine is in most power bars, protein shakes, and energy drinks as well as high protein foods. when taken in the right doses has been shown to increase decrease recovery time, and help grow muscle in a shorter period of time.  
  •  The furor over PEDs is fundamentally a moral panic, and like the much more serious War on (Some Classes of People Who Use Some) Drugs it’s a witch hunt to control our lives and our minds 
  • Adderall is a prescription medication for the treatment of ADD. It cannot be considered a PED any more than an asthma inhaler can be. 
  • All this hand-wringing over a lost idyllic past is not dissimilar to politicians who sell nostalgia for an earlier, more-perfect America. 
  •  The Livestrong foundation has donated over $500 million to cancer survivors. If the cost of that is lance Armstrongs tiny balls. I’d say not a bad trade. It’s also worth noting that all 7 of Lance’s titles that were stripped from him went to the runners up. All of them now have doping scandals on their hands by self-admission or investigation 


  •  Forbes.com 
  • LIVESTRONG Foundation is a $50 million cancer foundation with 2.5 million members worldwide. It is rated one of the most effective nonprofits in the cancer community by charity watchdogs, and it’s among the most prestigious. LIVESTRONG’s mission is unique: unlike its peers, the Foundation focuses on helping cancer survivors rather than on conducting cancer research. To date, LIVESTRONG has raised $500 million to help people navigate the practical, emotional and financial realities of cancer 

Key people: 

  •  Rich Piana – admitted to body building and using steroids to gain muscle mass – deceased 
  •  Chris Benoit – a damn fine American wrestler in the WCW, WWE, and the ECW. Tragically, Benoit’s life ended in June 2007, when police discovered his body, along with the bodies of his wife Nancy and son Daniel, in what police later ruled as a murder-suicide. 
  •  Curt Hennig, pro wrestler. Known as “The Hawk”, Hennig’s downward spiral included addiction to painkillers as well. After his career tanked (he wound up wrestling in front of small crowds in high-school gyms), just 32 years old, Hennig committed suicide. Steroids were not directly related to his death, but were part of a deadly cocktail that had clearly derailed his life 
  • Lance Armstrong – yeah, he’s doing fine. 

Key Movies:  

Argument Against 

  • Doping is doping no matter what sport it’s in. We shouldn’t be giving an unfair advantage no matter what. The health risks outweigh the benefits. 
  •   Creatine has many side effects that can hinder your gains in the long term such as Muscle cramping, Nausea, Diarrhea, Dizziness, Gastrointestinal pain, Dehydration, Weight gain, Water retention, Heat intolerance, Fever. Not enough definitive evidence has been put forth to consider banning it as a supplement. There also is some concern that creatine might increase mania in people who have bipolar disorder. 
  • Why would the media overhype steroid use? There’s no reason to when we have all this evidence of athletes having adverse side effects from steroid use 
  •  Adderall is a synthetic form of Methamphetamine. It cannot be allowed in sports. Look at what it has already done to the competitive gaming industry. 
  •  We demonize them because it is a horrible thing to do yourself. Most especially in organizations that are impressionable to the youth. We can’t have our children thinking it is ok to grow up and become a giant freak person that relies on synthetic testosterone to stay alive. 
  •  Lance Armstrong cheated! He’s a cheater! A no-good lying son of a bitch cheater! 


Key Movies: 

  • Same as the for argument 

Outro: *summarize Joel and Milo end arguments* I think that both sides have………………Valid Arguments. I’d to read a quote from the winner of tonight’s argument, and author of the book “it’s not about the bike when he said “if there was a God, I’d still have both my nuts.” Lance armstrong everyone. I guess it really wasn’t about the bike. I’d like to thank you all for joining us, and thanks milo and Joel for your thoughts on the subject. If you’d like to voice your thoughts on the topic, please get at us on social media @argumentsvalid on twitter and valid arguments on Facebook or feel free to call and leave us a voicemail, the number is 309-340-9431. Please join us next week we will have more bad news for you. Goodnight. 

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