Episode Five: Scientology

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Discussing what the episode is going to be about.  

  • The Patriarchy, is it really that bad? 
  • The Matriarchy, what’s really going on? 
  • Which came first, Hot Topic or goth kids? 
  • Is being a Vegan hereditary? 
  • Should cloning be legalized?’ 
  • Which animals is ok to test drugs on? 
  • Should we require college kids to wear chastity belts? 
  • Microsoft or apple. Which is the dark side? 

Joel busts in. Hey guys, I got some stuff to tell ya.  

What kind of stuff joel? 


Welcome everyone and thank you for joining us. This is valid arguments. A show about two PC’s and one OT gang stalking some SP’s. I’m Jeremy Horton, and today were going to be talking about a subject I just learned about 5 minutes ago, scientology! We will also be arguing about drug testing animals, and we’ll explore our fight or flight responses.  Joining me today is Mr. Milo Mordhorst on my right. (Milo intro). And Mr. Joel Barkley on my left. (Joel intro). Thank you both, now I want to start by getting your initial takes on scientology and your current thetan levels. 

Questions I will ask: 

  • Is it true that L Ron Hubbard is expected to return and that staff members maintain a mansion for him in a constant state of readiness? Joel (milo counter) 
  •  Scientology is said to still have about 20-30,000 active members worldwide. With their numbers dwindling, do you guys think scientology still has the pull and influence that they had in their heyday? Milo (Joel counter) 
  • Palette cleanser/segment – Which animals is ok to test drugs on? – Jerm, Milo, Joel 
  •  Scientology has a disconnection policy that forces you to distance yourself from so called “suppressive persons” SP’s for short. David Miscavige even disconnected from his own father. Is this cult activity and if not, why not? Jerm (Milo counter)  
  •  When it comes to auditing, there is 29 tenants in the auditor’s code. One of which is “I promise to see that any donation received for processing is refunded following the policies of the Claims Verification Board, if the preclear is dissatisfied and demands it within three months after the processing, the only condition being that he may not again be processed or trained”.  The reason I bring that up is that any money given to the church is classified as a donation by the I.R.S. this means they are not technically payments and they don’t technically have to pay back shit. Do you think that’s shady behavior for a church? – Joel (Milo counter) 
  •  Palette cleanser/segment – would you rather fight a bear or a swarm of hornets 
  •  I want to talk now about the authoritarian arm of Scientology. The Guardian’s Office was renamed the “Office of Special Affairs” by the new church leadership in the mid-1980s. They are tasked with, among other things handling litigation, media relations, and covert data collection. Whatduya make of that? Milo (Joel counter) 
  • People have criticized the Church’s aggressive attitude in dealing with its perceived enemies and critics, allegations of mistreatment of members, and predatory financial practices. Do you think there is still a draw to scientology, even with people kind of “know what they’re getting into.” so to speak? (un-brainwash joel for God, the Podcast, and America!!!) 
  • Palette cleanser/segment – Hamms 

Argument for: 

  • The mansion is called Bonnie View.  It’s preserved as a heritage site and is the express property of the church of spiritual technology. We maintain that LRH may come back or may not just as we all may. 
  • Do you mean our work with elderly outreach? And our classes on what your relationship is to your body as well as your mind—and why you have the capacity to influence your own health. That sounds pretty powerful to me. 
  •  Hellz ya it’s cult activity! What’s not cultic about cutting you off from your friends and family? Fortunately, that’s not what we do. We simply encourage people that associate with SP’s to resolve this situation, and either “handle” the other person’s antagonism with true data about Scientology and the Church or, as a last resort, when all attempts to handle have failed, one “disconnects” from or stops communicating with the person. 
  •  Our return policy is clearly stated on our website.  
  •  If you’re talking about our special affairs office that deals with raising awareness of drugs in the inner city, then guilty as charged! If you’re talking about our special theory and training courses in our Saint Hill facility, then you don’t have a warrant. 
  •   People are still signing up for scientology because It’s better than any self-help book you could possibly read. While psychology is primarily the study of observing responses to stimuli and provides no means of producing actual improvement, Scientology goes further and demands improvement from the PC. 


  •  Various scientology websites. Since it is a religion, I assume they are all created and wholly endorsed by the church of scientology. According to WikiLeaks there are currently 2,070 of these websites. 

Key groups: 

  • Scientology, duh. 

Key people: 

Key Movies:  

Argument Against 

  • The Sea Org motto is “Revenumus”, meaning “we come back”. Traditionally after a 21-year leave of absence, meaning that Ron was due back in 2007. Mark Headley, A former member of the church explained in an interview that he has had conversations with David Miscavage about this and the release dates for OT9 and OT10. They will be released in theaters starring TC. 
  •    While scientology’s numbers are small those ranks include several influential Hollywood figures. Their position is unique to other cults in that the members hold huge sway over the content that the general population observe. 
  •  to resolve this situation, one either “handles” the other person’s antagonism with true data about Scientology and the Church or, as a last resort, when all attempts to handle have failed, one “disconnects” from or stops communicating with the person. 
  •  Garry Scarff has said that he used to be an OSA operative. He in a sworn deposition taken between July and August 1993 and submitted in Church of Scientology International vs. Steven Fishman and Uwe Geertz, Scarff testified, “…I was directed, one, to go to Chicago, Illinois and to murder Cynthia Kisser, Cynthia Kisser being the Executive Director of the Cult Awareness Network. These are rich people with a loose sense of reality. Dangerous. People.  
  •  It’s similar to psychology in that it starts with the auditing session and unburdening yourself. But then has the potential to blackmail you with that information due to all sessions being recorded. Then they gradually cut you off from everyone you know, and slowly brainwash you into submission. Anyone who joins in this day and age has a mental illness. 


  • Various scientology websites. Since it is a religion, I assume they are all created and wholly endorsed by the church of scientology. According to WikiLeaks there are currently 2,070 of these websites.   
  • https://www.exscn.net/content/view/171/97/index.html – ex scientologist talking about the OSA 

Key people: 

Key groups: 

Key Movies: 

Outro: *summarize Joel and Milo end arguments* I think that both sides have………………Valid Arguments. We all know who the only winner ever in scientology is so let me take it straight from the horse’s mouth. “I’ll not always be here on guard. The stars twinkle in the Milky Way and the wind sighs for songs across the empty fields of a planet a Galaxy away. You won’t always be here. But before you go, whisper this to your sons and their sons – “The work was free. Keep it so.” He said that at the end of a Clearing Procedure, 1957. Someone paid for that session. I’d like to thank you all for joining us, and thanks milo and Joel for your thoughts on the subject. We here valid arguments value opinions and think everyone should have one. So if you’re the type of person who knows your voice matters and would like us to help amplify that voice for you, then get at us on social media @argumentsvalid on twitter and valid arguments on Facebook or if you think social media is just as evil as people who put pineapple on pizza, please feel free to call and leave us a voicemail, the number is 309-340-9431. Please join us next week for more arguments. We hope to disagree with you soon

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