Valid Arguments is comprised of three distinct personalities. All of which have very different, but equally frustrating arguments, that they want to share with you. Get to know our staff by reading their bio’s below.

Jeremy: Host/Arguer

Jeremy the host guy

Jeremy was born in a rainstorm, on the side of a mountain, one snowy day in Montana. As a boy he remember hearing his parents argue and knowing he would one day grow up and follow in their footsteps. Hearing the glass shatter, and feeling the tremors of sound coming from the kitchen, he knew that there was no other path he wanted to walk in life. To challenge someone’s opinion and truly defeat them, stomp down their ideas till there was nothing left but the smoldering ash where their worldview used to be. There’s nothing greater. Now he talks to you, fine people. Every day he gets up, puts on his steel toed shit kickers, and prepares himself for an onslaught of chaos that will result in one idea reigning supreme. That idea, is of course the idea of the argument.

Milo: Arguer

Milo has been an arguer since the great flood of 1883 that wiped out half the population and then was covered up by the government and Chester A. Arthur in order to pass the Pendleton civil service reform act. Since then, he has been a lifelong supporter of finding the truth and more importantly, arguing about it. Never will you find him unwilling to resist the urge to tell you the moon landing was faked. You won’t find him shying away from an argument with an uber for driving a chevy, not after the government helped them to frame john delorean! Now after a brief stint at a health spa on the north side of town, he’s relaxed and calm and has restricted himself to exclusively arguing on this podcast.

Joel: Arguer

Joel the democrat guy

Joel was a peculiar sort of child. While all the other kids were playing sports, he was exploring his mind(and body) in the local library. After one of his favorite books,”The grapes of wrath” was declared a communist manifesto, he turned to arguing in order to make sure that his precious books would never be compromised again. When Dr. Suess’s “the Lorax” was declared a scathing political commentary, he was there to challenge those opinions strongly. When “ullysses” was chastised for having “sexual content” he showed up nude on the steps of congress with a copy of the book to compare. Joel keeps a copy of “Catcher in the Rye” in his pocket at all times, and that’s a fact.